The beach of Lissos is located in Ai-Kyrkos (Agios Kirykos), approximately 71km south of Chania and 3km west of Sougia. It is built over the remains of the ancient Lissos in a verdant valley.

The beach is isolated with few people visiting it every summer. It has thick pebbles and it is affected by the south wind. Next to the beach there are many trees to be used for shade when the sun is shining. The beach of Lissos can only be approached through sea or hiking. Near the beach there is the small church of Agios Kirykos which is celebrated on the 15th of July every year. If you find yourselves in the area the day before, it is worthwhile to attend the celebrations. Boats with pilgrims arrive at the beach, the crowd walks toward the church where they attend the mystery and afterwards the celebration begins.

A walk in the valley of Lissos will reveal to you the mosaic floors of Asklipiio, ancient remains like columns, the roman cemetery with the covered graves, but also remains of the ancient theatre.

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