Gavdos, the island in the most southern part of Europe, 32 miles from Palaiochora, 22 miles from Hora Sfakion and 170 from Tobrouk of Libya. It is a small island (30 sqkm) in a triangular shape, with maximum length of 10km and maximum width of 5km. The beaches Karave, Korfos, Lakkoudi, Tripiti, Mpo, Fetife, Sarakiniko, Agiannis, Lavrakas, Pyrgos, and Potamos are some of the unique beaches the pearl coast of Gavdos has to offer.

Kastri, Ksenaki, Vatsiana, Ampelos are some of its few traditional villages.

Gavdos is a unique jewel of south Europe, away of the noise of the civilized world, with rough beauty, crystal clear turquoise water, miraculous sunrises, marvelous sunsets, and cedars that reach till the sea. An island with numerous beauties that someone can discover by dedicating some time to the inland and to the more secluded beaches.

Its rich and rare flora and fauna has listed the island to the programme “Natura 2000”.

The beaches of Gavdos are truly unique and that is why Discovery Channel has ranked the beach of Agiannis as the 2nd best beach of the world. Even so, the beaches that cover the rest of the island are equally stunning and they worth a visit.


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